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Rafael Noboa y Rivera. I think they would absolutely panic. For every "good guy with a gun" story there are about a dozen "unsupervised toddler shoots mom with gun that was just lying around" stories.

Although Parker was armed and held a concealed carry permit, he stayed hiding in a classroom. The good guy with a gun is a myth. A gun free campus is a safer campus. If you see someone running out of a gas station with a gun in their hand, do you want an untrained person jumping out and opening fire? Finally, someone speaks the truth, микрокредиты в омске адреса it makes sense. Thats why I completely trust микрокредиты в омске адреса armed forces, state, county and local police over a good guy with a gun … Any day.

Finally микрокредиты в омске адреса that have training and experience are speaking out. Thank god for the voice of reason. We need more people like them speaking out until people start to take them seriously. So hear me out since микрокредиты в омске адреса used the Oregon shooter as an example and he had 35 days of military service before his discharge. When confronted by law enforcement he was shot and retreated and then he ended his life.

So — if a bad guy trained or untrained is shooting people — a person shooting at them would at the very least draw their attention. They would likely panic as well, once again займы ульяновск is logical. This person fired at the officer ignoring others. So a good guy with a gun is at the very least a good distraction for others to escape, yes the two officers were very brave and no that was not their primary job.

Their job is to come home and many of the law enforcement cannot take a life, they do that study every once in a while. My last point is to carry in Minnesota you need to be микрокредиты в омске адреса per MN Statue Of course the biggest part of the training is knowing that if you draw your weapon you are going to ruin the rest of your life one way or another. As a retired police officer, I have to agree.

Untrained personnel cause more damage than can be imagined. However, the presence of armed persons cm be a deterrent to those who wish to do harm.

But, training is the key. My only complaint is that your link to the микрокредит на карту срочно онлайн честное слово about the Michigan woman opening fire on shoplifters redirects to the Rachel Maddow story on Ben Carson.

Might want to get that микрокредиты в омске адреса. Or do these lives saved by a civilian with a gun not count? There are some of our military that drink deeply from the obozo socialist cool-aid. So their answer is just sit and wait until the police show up. In the meantime, the bad guy with the gun continues to kill innocent by-standers, maybe even you. Now there is a true liberal plan, do nothing, watch others die, and be a victim ourselves.

I guess for a liberal that makes perfect sense. Not going to google your account, but even if true, 34 out of thousands and thousands? You assume that bad guy will panic if good guy shoots at him. He might or might not panic. He could be mentally prepared for such response as he already on suicide killing. If he really wanted to survive, he might have not done the shooting.

I think instincts that tell us I want to микрокредиты в омске адреса and this is life threatening situation makes us panic in such situations as it puts pressure on us mentally to take actions that will increase the probability of our survival. And he is probably trained to a certain extent.

He does not care about who gets hurt. He has played the scenario over and over again in his mind. He has trained with his firearms. His firearms are condition ready. Most cc heroes hord ammo instead of займы усинск with it.

They do not shoot frequently, or under stress. They do not even know stress that comes from being in a real fight. Successfully hunters have микрокредиты в омске адреса train микрокредиты в омске адреса be effective. One can shoot paper all day long and miss a deer at 20 yards. My perception is the guys supporting this position have lived through fire fights, close combat in urban terrain.

Been there you may микрокредиты в омске адреса able to learn from them. In my 43 years of military service I may have seen more combat than all these so called combat veterans combined. Two million times a микрокредиты в омске адреса Americans legally use guns to protect themselves and their families.

Most gun owners have some gun training and here have far more training микрокредиты в омске адреса most active duty military personnel. This article is cherry picking by finding a handful of disgruntled veterans who agree with the author; the vast majority of veterans are patriotic gun owners.

There is one very important thing you overlook. The attacker has planned the attack and is ready. Those whom he is attacking are not expecting anything. The element of surprise and advance preparation are a huge advantage.

As a combat vet, this article is ludicrous! These guys talk about civilians acting as cops. The proper scenario is that the armed citizen is in the room with the shooter, the еще будут брать у вас займы понял is firing at him or those around him, and he has an opportunity to react.

In that case, many people have become victorious over potential mass shooters and common criminals. Anyone not on the scene should wait on the cops. The cops misidentify the threat far more often than citizens who are being attacked. These are a lot of scenarios that are simple speculation. When the time comes, people in a theater with a lone gunman and 30 armed citizens have a lot better chance of survival.

George — no one claims that a civilian with a gun has never stopped a crime from occurring. And by the way, I googled the exact phrase you listed, and an article four links down pointed out quite clearly that armed civilians have had no measurable increase in the ability to микрокредиты в омске адреса a mass shooting. So the микрокредиты в омске адреса are mixed — not that this should be of any surprise. Instead of quoting google searches, how about we listen to the professionals, not the tabloids or the gun lobby who have financial gains in mind?

Lee, you are of course correct. The average citizen, one-on-one, in a combat situation with a sober, trained, vet, would need to be awfully lucky. They face junkies, drunks, untrained jihadi zealots and the mentally ill. Most have no training, too much coke and MJ and ETOH in the bloodstream, not enough sleep, and no experience or plan about what to do when the citizen or offduty cop returns fire.

THAT is why the average armed citizen is so often victorious against them. Remember, when seconds count, the Police are only minutes away.

People who have firearms will freak out and all of a sudden start shooting people willy nilly? George is correct there are several instances of someone with a gun saving people and preventing further harm to themselves or others.

If someone comes into a building and starts shooting people… the person with the firearm shoots that person, simple. Absolutely ridiculous to assume if police arrive they will start shooting police or other people займы сайт онлайн they panicked. Their point is that guns http://online.rosherundiscount.info/ip-vidaet-zaymi-sudebnaya-praktika.php not require training.

They are instruments of death, sold for peanuts at every wal-mart nation-wide, available with basically no accreditation. The idea that a gun simply qualifies you to be a deterrent to mass shooters is preposterous.

They know they are going to have to deal with police 10 minutes after they start, so they are ready for battle before hand.

Hell, they might have armor on. Thinking that distributing handguns to more and more unqualified people as a means of making us safer is absurd. I have seen this with my own eyes and know that not микрокредиты в омске адреса combat vet is mentally or physically able to preform the duties микрокредиты в омске адреса actually put to the task.

I have also seen civilians that have gone above and микрокредиты в омске адреса. I thank you for your service brother. It almost never happens, in real life. Instead, you and your just click for source are times more likely to be murdered by family, killed in accidental shootings, or use the gun to successfully commit suicide.

I am alive today because of a good guy with a gun. I am sure if Liberals would bother to ask, they would find millions of us. Of course, they would never accurately report it, or honor those good guys.

As a retired police officer I absolutely disagree check this out challenge you to provide any substantial cases where that is true.

The cases where law-abiding citizens have stepped up, used firearms to defend themselves, police officers and other civilians are legion. From the teacher in school who stopped continue reading would микрокредиты в омске адреса mass murderer to the guy in the quick stop store in Virginia who stopped the attempted execution of the store owner and patron during a robbery, the incidents number too many to count.

Sure, mistakes are sometimes made, just as in the military but overall the good http://online.rosherundiscount.info/zaymi-bez-otkaza-na-kartu-kruglosutochno.php do quite well as a group.

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